365 Daily Drawing/ Painting

Challenge – On January 2nd, 2024 I set a personal creativity & art challenge for myself of drawing and/or painting everyday for a year. The reason? Because I’ve been wanting to be an artist since I was literally a little girl and the only way is to actually show up, learn, and do the work. So that’s what I’ve committed to. This gallery is a document/accountability journal of my daily progress and artwork. Enjoy! ~ Rachael Alexander

January 2024

  • Goals
    • Just get started!
    • Draw everyday – start the habit!

February 2024

  • Goals:
    • Move towards Daily Finished Pieces (painting or drawing)

Today I had a realization, that not only do I need to build in breaks, but also that my intention Want only to get better at art, but to unleash my creative soul more. So moving forward I’ll be taking the weekends off, and my focus during the week will be to express myself more with my creativity rather than only prove my artistic skills. 

March 2024

Coming Soon

    • Goals:
      • 1 Finished Painting per day
      • Start my first collection


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