My 2023 Year In Review

Written By Rachael Alexander

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth, Lessons, and Dreams

Greetings, beautiful souls! As we embark on the beginning of another transformative year, I find myself compelled to share the highs, lows, and invaluable lessons that have shaped my journey in 2023. Join me on this reflective adventure as I unpack the highlights, life lessons, and dreams that have unfolded over the past twelve months.

Let your heart be your compass, and your passions be your guide for you are divine. ~ Rachael Alexander

A Year in Review: Accomplishments and Experiences

Festival & Other Performances:

One of the highlights of 2023 was the opportunity to share my music on various stages, from festivals to paid gigs. The connection formed with audiences during these performances has been nothing short of magical.

Visibility and Following My Heart:

This year, I embraced visibility with open arms, stepping out of my comfort zone to share more of my authentic self. Following my heart became a guiding principle, leading me to new creative heights and uncharted territories.

Embracing Art and Breaking Hermit Mode:

In 2023, I reignited my love for various forms of art, breaking free from hermit mode to explore new creative avenues. The process has been liberating, allowing my artistic expression to flourish.

Creative and Business Courses:

To further enrich my journey, I delved into creative and business courses. The knowledge gained has not only fueled my passion but has also provided valuable insights for navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the creative industry.

Prioritizing My Dreams:

Perhaps the most significant shift this year was prioritizing my dreams. For the first time in years, I put myself and my aspirations first, creating a ripple effect of positive change in both my personal and professional life.

Life Lessons Learned in 2023

Authenticity Over Approval:

In the journey of self-discovery, I learned that external validation is not a prerequisite for pursuing my passions. Authenticity and self-approval are far more fulfilling.

Putting Myself First:

Putting myself first proved to be a catalyst for personal growth. It’s not selfish but a recognition of my worth, deserving of love, compassion, and kindness.

The Power of Detachment:

Life’s impermanence became a recurring theme as I learned to give people space to be themselves. Detaching from outcomes allowed for a more profound sense of freedom.

Choosing Freedom Over Fear:

In moments of fear, overwhelm, and worry, I discovered the power of choice. Freedom is always available when we choose to navigate life with a mindset of liberation.

Compassion and Forgiveness:

Being kind to oneself and extending that compassion to others became a cornerstone of my journey. Forgiveness, not forgetting but releasing emotional charge, proved transformative.

Anticipating 2024: Dreams on the Horizon

Growing My Fan Base:

As we step into 2024, I’m eagerly looking forward to expanding my musical family and creating deeper connections with my audience.

Part-Time Artist, Full-Time Income:

The goal is clear – to transition into a part-time artist with a full-time income, allowing me to dedicate more time to what I love most.

Execution and Exploration:

2024 will be a year of execution and exploration, bringing more of my ideas to life and embarking on new adventures.

Traveling and Creating:

Expect more travel diaries and creative endeavors as I continue to explore the world and share the beauty of my artistic journey.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year of growth, introspection, and setting the stage for even greater things to come. As I look back, I’m filled with gratitude for the lessons learned, the dreams pursued, and the unwavering support of each one of you.

Thank you for being a part of my journey. Here’s to an inspiring 2024 filled with music, dreams, and endless possibilities!

With love and melodies,

Rachael Alexander

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