How to achieve your dreams (for those struggling with perfectionism & procrastination)

Written By Rachael Alexander

Hey there, fellow Mosaic Souls!

I hope this post finds you well on your unique and beautiful creative journey. Today, I want to dive a bit deeper into the themes I explored in my latest video. If you haven’t watched it yet, don’t worry – I’ll catch you up right here.

Welcome back to my creative space, where we dive deep into the messy, beautiful process of chasing our dreams. In my latest video, I opened up about the struggles many of us face – the fear of making mistakes, the pressure of perfectionism, and the procrastination that can hold us back from realizing our creative potential.

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The Struggle is Real: Fear, Perfectionism, and Procrastination

As creatives, we often find ourselves grappling with the daunting trio of fear, perfectionism, and procrastination. Those nagging thoughts – “Don’t make mistakes,” “It has to be perfect,” and “I’ll start when I feel more motivated” – can be paralyzing, hindering us from fully embracing our passions.

The Turning Point: Fail Often, Fail Fast

In the video, I shared a personal mantra that has become my creative North Star: “Fail often and fail fast.” It might sound counterintuitive, but let me tell you – it’s a game-changer. Instead of letting the fear of making mistakes hold me back, I’ve chosen to lean into imperfection and view each so-called failure as a stepping stone on the path to creative mastery.

Meet Rachael: A Mosaic Soul on a Mission

That’s me – Rachael, a dreamer in her thirties with a grand vision of becoming an amazing singer-songwriter, composer, visual artist, and storyteller. The catch? I’m not a master in all these areas yet. But here’s the key – I refuse to let that stop me.

The Art of Overcoming Fear

For over a decade, fear dictated my creative choices. Fear of judgment, fear of making mistakes, fear of not being “good enough.” Perhaps you can relate. But I’ve chosen a different path now, one where guilt and regret have no place. I’m committed to pursuing my dreams with passion and resilience.

Breaking Free: A Mosaic Soul’s Perspective on Procrastination

I believe that, as immaculate souls here to explore the human experience, we often forget our innate power. External and self-imposed limitations instill fear in us, making us forget just how capable we are. It’s time to break free from these limitations and step boldly into our creative potential.

The Scientific Backing: Procrastination and Perfectionism Unveiled

In the video, I touched on the science and psychology behind procrastination and perfectionism. The truth is, learning and mastering any skill involve making mistakes and learning from them. These “failures” are not setbacks; they’re essential for growth and mastery.

Your Action Plan: Learn, Do, Grow, Share

So, what’s the plan for becoming a well-rounded artist? It’s simple yet profound: Learn. Do. Grow. Share. Repeat. I’m taking courses, creating art, applying my knowledge, and sharing the journey with you. There’s no failure in this process – only experience and feedback, the building blocks of mastery.

Join the Conversation: What Are You Excited to Fail At?

I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. What creative pursuit are you excited to dive into, even if it means making mistakes along the way? Let’s inspire and support each other on this incredible journey.

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Conclusion: Embrace Imperfections, Celebrate the Journey

In closing, I want to encourage you to embrace imperfections, celebrate the journey, and keep creating. Whether you’re a seasoned creator or just starting, remember that the path to mastery is paved with experiences, both good and bad.

Until next time, embrace the imperfections, celebrate the journey, and keep creating!

Much love, Rachael

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