So you’ve landed on my website and you’ve seen me use this term “Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor” so I bet you’re wondering what the heck that even is.

Essentially I help Mosaic Souls (multipassionate spiritual entrepreneurs and creatives) uncover their true selves and align their minds, bodies, spirits, businesses, and creativity.

So let me tell you of all the roles it consists of and then break down each role in this 4 blog post series.

My Roles of Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor include being a: Creative, Spiritual Teacher, Life & Health Coach, Business Success Coach, & Brand Strategist. And I bet you’re like, “wow Rachael, you really do all those things?”. And my answer to you is, “YUP! I sure do!” :). Hence the term Mosaic Soul Mentor.

So let’s dive in shall we?

I am first and foremost an Artist.

Rachael Alexander Artist 2It took me a long time to finally come around to owning this fact. The fact that I am a creative down to the very core of my being was and still is the reason I’m here on the planet. I’ve chosen to come here to have a blast being a prolific creator, and when I’m not in alignment with that I suffer in various different ways (from health, wealth, to relationships, and more).

But before I dive in deep to what that really means I want to first say what an artist is not.

An artist is not a conformist to what is being done in the world.

So what is an artist?

Well here is my two cents:

  • She/He is the creator of beautiful things, products, and/or services that are needed in the world.
  • She/He translates what is experienced culturally, physically, emotionally, and mentally into what others can then be inspired by, empowered by, or educated by.

But the sole desire and purpose for the artist is to create.

Not for others, not for approval, not to make an impact – but ultimately for the very sport and process of it. The inspiring, empowering, and educating are all side effects of the artist being themselves.

So what does an artist do?

Basically as an artist it is my job to live life and translate all that I experience into artwork (paintings, drawings, music, fashion, film, photography, programs, and whatever else mediums). It’s my job to help inspire you to be the best version of yourself and to enliven/empower you through what it is that I create.

It’s my job to be a mirror to you, being completely transparent, vulnerable, and willing to tap into that part of myself that we all have, that is full of infinite ideas, expressions, and creations.

It’s my job to be my most authentic version of myself because as I do that I consciously give you the power to do that for yourself in your life and business.

That might mean stating opinions and viewpoints that aren’t popular. That might mean sharing controversial or shocking content that makes you wake up – but is just ultimately an expression of myself. That might mean making you feel warm and fuzzy inside. That might mean making you a comrade and a friend because you see yourself in me. That might mean making you feel understood and like you are part of something bigger. That might mean inspiring you to live your life purpose more fully and genuinely. That might mean opening your mind to new possibilities and ways of doing things. And lastly that might mean being willing to be ridiculed, shamed, or disapproved of by others because my truth isn’t everyone else’s truth.

And all of that is something that I’m ok with, something that I’m continuously growing into, and something that I live for every day.

So if you ever wonder what an artist is there you have it!

In the next part of this series I break down my other roles as it pertains to my self-declared title of Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor.

To your infinite abundance and divine success,


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