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Hey Mosaic Soul, I’m Rachael Alexander and I’m an artist on a mission to liberate and inspire Mosaic Souls to be bold, be fearless, and be all of them. That looks like creating safe spaces and avenues to share truth, subjective vulnerability, and experience love and healing through my various art forms. I also share my personal experiences of living spiritually awakened.

I’m the creator of Divine Soul Expressions™️, a healing modality geared towards helping Mosaic Souls and beyond express themselves, heal their core wounds and create thriving lives and businesses as creatives. 

From soulful ballads to uplifting dance, diverse world inspired art and epic filmmaking, my Divine Soul Expressions come through in many art forms which allow me to totally express my Mosaic Soul.  This is done without the pressures of the modern social “have-to’s” and with my heart and soul leading the way. 

I call myself an Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor pioneering the movement that being all of you without apology is the reason that we are all here on the planet. I’m not only a multitalented creative multidisciplinary artist but a creative entrepreneur as well. 

My aim is to blaze new trails for Mosaic Souls and true creative spiritual entrepreneurs to create lives and businesses without the hustle and bustle and live in alignment with our true soul selves. Gently, spacious-ly, and peacefully.


Diary Of a Mosaic Soul: January 2024

Diary Of a Mosaic Soul: January 2024

2024 started out with a super surge of energy for me. For the first 2 weeks I was literally on a high of just a lot of energy and enthusiasm to put towards actualize my artistic dreams. I've been feeling the call for more intimacy, love, and passion for life,...

My 2023 Year In Review

My 2023 Year In Review

Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth, Lessons, and Dreams Greetings, beautiful souls! As we embark on the beginning of another transformative year, I find myself compelled to share the highs, lows, and invaluable lessons that have shaped my journey in 2023. Join me on...

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  1. Stay true to my artistic visions and giftings.
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  3. Take the necessary time for thoughtful and meaningful creation, free from the pressures of hustling and grinding.
  4. Honor the importance of rest in the creative process, understanding that constant creation can take a toll on the mind, body, and spirit. Embracing rest is a crucial part of sustaining the creative journey.
  5. Extend generosity to others through diverse programs, art, film, photography, and music initiatives.
  6. Sidestep the challenges posed by algorithms and platforms that can perpetuate harmful biases, allowing me to focus on my craft without being buried by racial, age, and gender biases.

Your support enables me to foster a space where creativity flourishes, unrestricted by external pressures, and where the ethos of generosity and authentic artistic expression thrives. Plus by joining you get access to some amazing perks! Click the button below to find out more!


Track List:

1. Fall So Hard

2. Why Fight It

3. A Part of Me

4. Discovery Of Love

Discovery Of Self

EP Album

Rachael first released this album over 10 years ago to share with others the importance of getting to know and be oneself. Now she plans on re-releasing the album as a reimagined album of 2022 as this body of work is still so relevant for our time. Stream the album on all platforms!