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Her fans call her soulful and sultry! Fans say her voice is warm and amazing – a blend of soulful yet classic power. They describe the mood as “uplifting pop and soul”. 

From soulful ballads to uplifting dance and folk tunes, diverse world instrumentation and epic orchestrations, Rachael’s music is a breath of fresh air among a sea of other soul singers. Also a visual artist, Rachael paints abstract, illustration, and whimsical art. 

Rachael is known as the Artist & Mosaic Soul Mentor pioneering the movement that being all of you without apology is the reason that we are all here on the planet. She is not only a multitalented musical artist but a fashion designer, filmmaker, dancer, chef, coach, photographer, and visual artist. 

Rachael continues to blaze new trails for Mosaic Souls and true performing-arts-lovers alike.

Discovery Of Self

EP Album

Rachael first released this album over 10 years ago to share with others the importance of getting to know and be oneself. Now she plans on re-releasing the album as a reimagined album of 2022 as this body of work is still so relevant for our time. Stream the album on all platforms!


Track List:

1. Fall So Hard

2. Why Fight It

3. A Part of Me

4. Discovery Of Love