​Rachael Alexander

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About the Rachael

Rachael Alexander is a singer, songwriter, and composer from Decatur, Georgia. Sprouting from Trinidadian and American roots Endigo’s music is as diverse as her family. Remnants of R&B, Pop, Jazz, Reggae, and Rock melt into a wonderful combination that characterizes her music. From dance, fashion, theater, and music Rachael has been trained in it all and continues to break the barriers of artistic confinement. Deciding at the age of 4 that music was going to be her primary contribution to the world Rachael continues to evoke her truest self through music and song. Rachael has taken these many different influences in music, family, and life in general and woven it into her own unique sound that has touched audiences in the U.S. and abroad. Rachael cites artists as diverse as Whitney Houston to Mike Stern along with many other great musicians/artists of all different genres as her influences. She has touched audiences ranging from college performances, open mics, benefit concerts, to classical competitions.With an uncanny ability to cross cultural and generational boundaries, Rachael has been described as wise beyond her years and this is reflected in her songwriting abilities and solid artistic delivery. At the young age of 21 she claims “to try and connect with the truth. We are all searching for our own integrity and I try to share what I find through my music.” Possessing the skill of singing, writing, and producing Rachael is the face of the new Artist of today. “Today you have to wear many hats as an artist. I think I intuitively picked this up when I was younger, causing me to always work on my musicianship skills because I knew I wanted to ultimately be creating my own music.” Her honesty and creativity shines through her bold approach to self-expression.